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"Help Me Breath" CDR single

Toast Records

Genres: pop/rock, pop, indie pop

Sep 8 - 14 2003

Munkster's three-song EP, Help Me Breathe, is a brief sample of what the British pop trio have to offer - simple, catchy music for alternative pop/rock lovers. Their glossy, clean sound is rich in pop hooks and smooth melody. The only problems are that they are sticking to the norm stylistically and that their music becomes quite repetitive over time.

"Help Me Breathe" and "80s Aryan Lover" are run-of-the-mill rock/pop tunes (the latter song is somewhat ska-influenced in rhythm and sound), but both repeat short, uninteresting choruses too much as they reach their final minutes. With that said, both tunes are very catchy ditties that you may find yourself humming later on. "If You Want Me In," the final track, is Help Me Breathe's slower, more emotional tune. It is pleasant but can be quickly forgotten due to its understated nature.

Overall, Munkster's Help Me Breathe EP is a solid disc that hints at a strong future for the band, who have yet to record their debut full-length.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2002]