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Mr. Oizo

"Stunt" CDEP

F-Communications / Mute

Genres: electro, techno, experimental electronica

140 West 22nd Street, Suite 10A
New York, NY 10011

Sep 6 - 12 2004

I'm not one of the people who liked "Flat Beat."  The whole fad never really caught my interest; I much preferred the darker, grimier side of Mr. Oizo.  While half the world bugged out to that shady Flat Eric character, I was busy grooving to the messy techno-noise of "Analog Worms Attack."  Chunky, static-drenched beats and a completely chaotic melody - what wasn't there to like?

And so, when Mr. Oizo's comeback single, Stunt, came to me, I was quite intrigued.  Which Oizo would it be?  

Well, it's a bit of both.  The funky accessibility of "Flat Beat" is not completely done away with, but fortunately this is far from "clean techno."  The beats are lumpy and textured, scooping up grime and dirt with each downbeat.  The melody isn't groundbreaking, but its complex beepiness is remarkably effective.  Club play may be limited, but for a comeback track, it ain't bad.

Interestingly, I really like the record's B side, a dark and experimental slice of beaty electro cryptically entitled "1$44."  It plunges along from beat to beat, forging a path for itself, and sounds like it would be right at home at an evil zombie discotheque.  Near its end, it strays from its principal structure and noisily skips from sample to sample.  Its absurd experimentalism may alienate most club audiences, but it is nonetheless an intensely awesome track.  Many may have forgotten about Mr. Oizo, but this single proves you can never count him out.


Fun Fact: The Mute version of this single is a single-sided 12".  The original promo copy allegedly included three extra tracks, with "Stunt" and "1$44" on the B side, and "Trust," "Lotus Suite Köln," and "Pig" on side A.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]