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Mountain Mirrors

"Voices" CDR-EP


Genres: progressive psychedelia, prog, new age

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Jul 29 - Aug 6 2002

Mountain Mirrors are a bizarre "progressive psychedelia" band from Massachusetts that has put out this 3-song EP. It is a nice collection of songs; each track features calm, almost chanted vocals sung over a trancey backdrop. "Voices", for example, features trippy vocals layed over a sitar backing. This combination has a very creepy, ethereal effect that works very well in the dark. "Field of Dreams", meanwhile, is a bit more rock-based. With a menacing bassline, prog-influenced, spacey electric guitars, and intense vocals, it is the track that most lives up to the "progressive psychedelic" title. "Eclectic Caravan" isn't as rock-oritented, though, and stays mostly in the new age realm.

Aside from the fact that they are on a cdr, these songs have a very professional feeling and are very cleanly recorded. Altogether, this is a nice release for prog and new age fans, but eight dollars for three songs is a bit steep.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 min 55 sec; 3 tracks; distributed by the band; released 2002]