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The Morningsides

Self-titled 7"

RIYL Records

Genre: indie pop, indie rock

RIYL Records
PO Box 2318
Times Sq. Statioh
NY, NY 10108

May 2006

I'm sure the Pavement comparisons are laid on thick with this band. Right from the opening strokes of "Summer Song" we can see the Malkmusian verbosity and tin-can-songsmithing influence. It's cheery, we're-having-fun pop that's very unassuming and all the better for it - could have been recorded in a garage, but that's exactly where you'd expect to hear this type of music coming from. "A Molehill Is A Mound" is a softer and lower in energy, and charming in its laidback melodic charm. It's music for a lazy Sunday afternoon, rolling along on a comfortable bassline while the singer keeps things moving with his vaguely Southern drawl. Nice stuff from The Morningsides, I wonder what's coming next...

MP3s (from Summer Song


Fun Fact: This record is limited to 500 copies, on swirled colour vinyl.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]