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Morals Galore

"Donerail" CD

Sofa King Records

Genre: indie rock

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Jun 23 - 29 2003

Dangit... why do I keep writing Molars Galore?  Some sort of dental obsession?  Do I have a cavity?  DO I NEED A ROOT CANAL???

Perhaps, but even in tooth terms, this is a good album.

Taking inspiration from their many musical influences, including Pavement, Guided By Voices, and Sebadoh, Morals Galore have created a catchy, energetic indie rock album.  While there are a few calmer, slower songs on Donerail, the band clearly works best with a more rock-based, faster format.  Of their influences, there is greatest evidence of Pavement in their music; they're found donning a carefree, occasionally raucous sound that is marinated in a dense sauce of pop hooks.  It's nearly impossible not to latch onto tracks like "Not Yet" and "Paperlove," whose melodies are enough to make you want to sing along, rockstar-style.  That's not to say there aren't weak spots, but there aren't any songs present that threaten the fun of the album as a whole.  While "Ex-parent" lacks the melody of some of the other tracks, and "60 Years" becomes a bit drearier than it should, these problems are minor and excusable for a debut album.

So, Donerail doesn't do anything new, that's a given, but Morals Galore have pulled off a solid slab of indie rock that's catchy nonetheless.  Worth it if you're looking for some pleasant tunes to hum.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by Galaxy, released 2003]