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The Mopeds

"Fortissimo" CD

Crunchy Frog

Genre: indie pop, indie rock, pop / rock


February 2007

We all love a good pop album, and this doesn't disappoint. The Mopeds are a wonderful but little-known band on the Danish Crunchy Frog label (purveyors of that Junior Senior record awhile back), and Fortissimo is their latest effort. I really enjoyed their Land of the Threes, and this is a nice continuation in their musical saga. English-speaking Danish? pop/rock is what to expect, with a nice, energetic sound and some damn fine melodies. Tracks like "Refused Demo Land" and Beach Boys-tinged "Unbelongings" are destined to get (lovingly) stuck in your head, while the band's cheery but thought-out spirit will ensure you're enjoying it all. For me, this was a lovely diamond in the rough - if you're ever curious about the Danish state of pop music, lend these folks an ear.


youuuuutube!!!!: "refused demoland" video, "television time" video, classic video of "lizard"

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, 32:34, distributed by the label, released 2005]