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"Entertainment System" CDR

Omega Point Records

Genres: synth-pop, elecro-pop

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Apr 5 - 11 2004

I am consistently amazed with the music that Omega Point puts out.  Despite living among the masses as a relatively obscure CDR label, they have weeded out an alarmingly large number of unknown bands from the dreary depths of goodness-knows-where and have released some seriously excellent, remarkably well-produced releases.  Monster-0 is one of Omega Point's most recent projects, and Entertainment System, their debut release, houses some very special synth-injected pop music.

"Take Me Down," the disc's opening track, is the perfect example of Monster-0's sound.  An incredibly catchy chorus, not far from that of certain eighties synth-pop tunes, is complimented by a rolling beat and some masterful electronic melody.  "Manatee for Humanity," meanwhile, is like a more upbeat Notwist track (Neon Golden-style,) complete with a pretty melody and some really neat electronic accompaniment.  The album's fantastic finale, "The Politics of Dancing," sounds like a massive conglomeration of New Order, Simple Minds, and perhaps even Culture Club.

While some of these tracks aren't as good as this album's best ("Or So You Think" suffers from a bit of over-attitude, but still boasts a fantastic Mario Paint solo,) for the most part this is an extremely rewarding album.  Whether you like synth-pop or not, this should definitely appeal to you.  If only it were longer...


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]