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"...And Then There Were Zero" CD

Omega Point Records

Genres: synth-pop, indie pop

Omega Point
3921 N. Claremont 2F
Chicago IL 60618

Oct 16 - 22 2005

I loved these guys based on their videogame-inspired Entertainment System EP, so I was naturally quite excited to hear the debut album.  ...And Then There Were Zero moves a bit away from the videogame obsessions of yore, instead opting for fourteen tracks of solid, synth-injected pop/rock.  The fun starts with the ridiculously catchy "Doubt It," which boasts an immediately infectious chorus that's designed to stick in your head.  The real fun, however, comes in the various supporting songs - from slow, seeping tunes like "I Just Might" and beautifully bleepy "Ultramega."  Acoustic "Photograph" is also solid.  On the more energetic end of things, "Take Me Down" (also on their EP) and "Dance on Over" take the top prizes.  Aside from a few bland blips (instrumental "Afternoon," irritating "Not Going Home Alone"), ...And Then There Were Zero is a consistently entertaining pop disc with the potential to make a lot of people into fans. Very recommended.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, 52.2 min, distributed by the label, released 2004]