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Model One

"Rooms" CDEP


Genres: rock, alternative rock

November 2006

Plain alternative rock is the best way to describe this Chicago quartet's sound, which borrows from a whole bunch of rock bands but still only ends up sounding a slight bit generic. Melodically this music is quite rich - Model One know their way around a pop hook - and it's actually quite charming in its way. Occasional keyboard chimes and moving, engaging songwriting save this record from mediocrity. It's not genius, but the likes of "The Room Slows Down" and pretty "Beautiful Eyes" are solid pop songs that won't be tossed away. Album highlight "Valentine (Dance All Night)," meanwhile, is a shimmering, lush tune with a toe-tapping rhythm. The Rooms EP is a surprise success for me, restoring my much tested faith in the self-released extended play record.



Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, 20min, distributed by the label, released 2006]