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"Randbient Works 2002" CD

Btrendy Records

Genres: idm, experimental electronica, FUN

Btrendy Records
PO Box 341280
Los Angeles, CA

Nov 4 - 10 2002

Mochipet is an IDM genius. He's taken a genre that's become stale and pretentious and turned it into a big, big joke.

Ok, no.

There is still lots of fun and innovation left in the world of "intelligent dance music," but Mochipet seems to be taking it one step further. Coupling bizarrely complex rhythms with the most unlikely melodic samples (a particular infatuation with the banjo is evident), Mochipet aka David Wang somehow manages to completely kick ass.

Take "Polka Electronic Death Country," for example. By way of insanely intricate beats, Mochipet manages to mix death metal, country, and polka all into one explosive, yet completely engaging listen. By the end, the metal riff has been completely dissected, providing both amusement and a certain intellectuality. "Dirty Geese," meanwhile, sees him giving the IDM treatment to a pretty little Disney-esque melody, complete with quacking duck accompaniment.

"Audition," another notable track, reaches one of the most crazy musical climaxes I have ever heard. Starting off with some bizarre vocal samples, a Fenn'o'berg-recalling xylophone, and a weird, scattered rhythm, the track quickly begins to gain tension, blasting forth with a noisy gabber-esque build-up that powers up and then just drops out, leaving you completely confused and dazzled. It's amazing.

For all the fun stuff, though, Randbient also sees Mochipet trying some more "serious" pieces, including "Plastic Carpet Ride," an Autechre-influenced piece with a calm melody and a more restrained rhythm. The track, while certainly not the most innovative of all, adds a certain depth to the album, proving Mochipet is more than a simple jokester. "Nanu," meanwhile, continues this trend, calling to mind comparisons to Aphex Twin and even Plaid.

To put it briefly, Randbient Works 2002 is an essential album. While Mochpet's previous CDR was certainly an amazing glimpse into what he is capable of, Randbient is a step further - a powerful IDM CDR that reminds us how much fun the genre really can be. Buy this now or regret it later.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks; distributed by Mochipet himself; released 2002]