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Milky Ways

Self-titled CD

Alive Records

Genres: garage punk, garage rock

November 2006

Ex-members of the Del-Gators and Sexareenos complete this Montreal garage-punk quartet, and unsurprisingly they're in it for the fun. Gloss and production values take a backseat on the Milky Ways' self-titled debut and that's just why I like it. Keys, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals... somehow these folks convince us that's all music was ever made of. And okay, the point is made on the first track and not much else is discovered thereafter, but that doesn't mean we can't lap it all up.

Sounding straight out of the late sixties (lo-fi recording and all), The Milky Ways kick us in the face right away with mission statement "Shattered"; tinny electric guitar, impassioned vocals, and Farfisa lead the way without apology or permission. Song titles like "Where's My Baby", "Wanna Be With You" and "Pretty Baby" (and those three are all in a row!) hint at the lyrical depth here but that ain't the point. Hell, musical talent ain't the point either, this shit's only purpose is good old fashioned fun. And in that, the Milky Ways succeed.

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Fun Fact: Two of the Milky Ways' band members used to play in a band called the Spaceshits.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, 30:46, distributed by Bomp, released 2006]