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Mike Langlie

"Twink" Book + CD

Acidsoxx Musicks

Genres: toy piano, pop instrumentals, children's music

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Jun 8 - 14 2003

Mmm... what a fun little bundle this is!  Mike Langlie's Twink project is a book and CD combination that is both whimsical and adorable.  

The written part is a picture book in the most literal sense - there's no words.  It is a beautifully designed tale about a rabbit's day.  Adorable.

The music is similarly cute - the tunes are toy piano instrumentals with song titles like "Hoppity Jones," "Jibber Jabber", and "Plink Plinka Plink."  Often other musicians will also contribute additional instruments to the mix - the list is huge: banjo, violin, gongs, and more - but that just adds to the fun.  The songs are saccharine-sweet, well-composed ditties.  While few tracks stick out (the almost funky, accordion-donned "Cloud Watcher" is an exception), that's because all of this CD's twenty five songs are focused more on creating and maintaining a specific idea - the entire thing is solid, so it's hard to single out any moments of exceptional brilliance.

While this overtly cute book and CD combo may be a bit too happy for all you cynics and pessimists out there, those with a sweet tooth will find Twink quite to taste.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 25 songs / 32 pages, distributed by the label]