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Miguel Mendez

"Happy Birthday Asshole" 7"

Deathbomb Arc

Genre: lo-fi, outsider pop, hometaper

May 2006

This is being reviewed so much later than it should have been, and for that I apologize. But without more delay...

Wrapped in Happy Birthday gift wrapping and constructed in a typically cut n' paste style, the Happy Birthday Asshole 7" comes by way of lo-fi experimenter Miguel Mendez, one of Deathbomb Arc's more interesting acts. The title-track ("ver. 1") starts this single out in a lo-fi outsider pop vein (guitar, drum machine, sung/said vocals) but there's some neat avant stuff going on too (slowed down bits, weird guitar soloing). The other side's "The World Wins (The Whirlwinds)" is more traditional - a guitar and vocals acoustic tune that is pleasant yet not quite incredible.

MP3s (from Happy Birthday Asshole


Fun Fact: Miguel Mendez's debut album, My Girlfriend is Melting, was called "gorgeous and disquieting" by Entertainment Weekly of all places.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]