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Micah Blue Smaldone

"Some Sweet Day" CD

North East Indie Records

Genres: country folk, old-timey

June 6 - 12 2005

Some Sweet Day sounds like it was recorded in the twenties; its simple guitar-and-vocal compositions are attempts at rekindling the Jimmie Rodgers and Blind Blake sound - heck, there's even a cover of old-timey classic "In the Jailhouse Now."  Smaldone has the bluesy acoustic guitar going, as well as the familiar country-folk vocals, and his compositions revel in the genre's best aspects - skillful plucking, mesmerizing melodies, and that indescribable sense of wholesomeness that enraptures the listener.

"Springtime Blues" is the song that grabs you first (partially because it's the first song, but also because it's bloody amazing) - it has a dreamy, bittersweet feel to it and a strange sort of timelessness.  It may have been recorded just recently, but it stands up to some of country-folk's better songs.  "My Angel's Wings" is another strongpoint, along with title-track "Some Sweet Day" (complete with yodeling) and the absolutely heartwarming "Boats up the River," a John Jackson cover.  The record's instrumental tracks also impress - be it the playful "Ice Cream Socialist" or the curiously introspective "Pine Needle Rag."  There aren't really any duds on Some Sweet Day - the only limiting factor is the listener's attention, which depends on his or her appreciation of old-timey country-folk music.  For those lucky open-minded music fans, though, Micah Blue Smaldone's Some Sweet Day could become the type of record that gets you feeling good time and time again.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]