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The Methadones

"Not Economically Viable" CD

Thick Records

Genres: pop punk, punk rock

Thick Records
POB 220245
Chicago IL 60622

Nov 29 - Dec 5 2004

No doubt, The Methadones play catchy music.  Pop punk may suffer from homogeneity, but it is always pretty infectious.  In the case of The Methadones, it has a message, too - Not Economically Viable is apparently based on a movie called Falling Down, in which the main character "unravels under the weight of the nerve-wracking oppression of the Establishment."  So yep, this is a political album.  For social commentary set to zippy tempos and guitar-heavy pop hooks, look no further.

If you don't expect any musical curveballs or moments of ingenious originality, Not Economically Viable makes for a very solid listen.  There is enough energy and catchiness here to sustain anyone's interest.  "Turning Inside Out" and "Bored of Television" are the two catchiest songs; they are built around energetic rhythms and memorable choruses.  The other tunes aren't as instantly infectious, but after hearing this album a few times, you should be hooked.  For some reason, The Methadones remind me a bit of Thick labelmate The Arrivals, though Moral Crux and The Bollweevils could be more recognizable points of comparison.  Assuming you like the genre, this record will be a surefire hit.


Fun Fact: Methadone is the oral pill that is used to combat withdrawal symptoms of opiate drugs.  It is also used as a medicinal reliever for "severe pain."

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]