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"Parthenay" online EP

Autres Directions in Music

Genres: IDM, electronica, chillout

Stéphane Colle
c/o Autres Directions in Music
18 Rue du Capitaine Corhumel
44000 Nantes - France

Oct 11 - 17 2004

Autres Directions in Music is one of the few free online record labels that actually puts out good stuff.  You can hear their output online at, and the first release you should check out is moulin001, Melodium's Parthenay EP.  Melodium mastermind Laurent Girard composes homemade electronic music heavy on complex rhythms and lush synth melodies.  It is less intense than most popular IDM material (AFX, Autechre, etc.), but instead seems to share a seamless relaxedness with the "chillout" genre.  The songs range from atmospheric and clicky ("Terminus") to more rhythmic and driving ("Terminus"), but overall they are all quite calm and relaxed.  Many of the tracks are quite experimental, with strong fundamental elements but lots of pleasantly extraneous sonic abstraction as well.  The EP's four songs are complemented by successful remixes from Motenai, Dudley, and Depth AffectParthenay is an affordable (ha!) and impressive display of electronic composition.  Girard's work will satisfy the headphone listener in all of us.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed free online by the label, released 2004]