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The Marlboro Chorus

"Entangled" CDEP

Future Appletree

Genres: indie pop

Future Appletree
PO Box 191
Davenport, IA

Sep 6 - 12 2004

A name like "The Marlboro Chorus" makes me think of sarcastic, ironic talk-rockers singing about how much they don't care about anything.  But - aside from some slightly gravelly singing - Entangled is simply a catchy pop record.

In just six songs, this Iowan pop trio is able to really grab your attention.  Their songwriting is incredible - resulting in melodic, engaging compositions - and their attitude towards music is cheerfully positive.  This disc's two best songs are "The Moondial" and "Hymn of the New Republic," as they are the most immediately infectious, and they stay fresh and enjoyable for quite awhile.  The latter is especially tasty - its simple melody will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Although this EP has two really strong songs, the other four tunes are also quite enjoyable - just not as memorable.  "Our Mother of Perpetual Helpdesk" has a neat, springy verse and a college-rock-styled chorus.  "Song for L" and "Running Out," meanwhile, are calmer and somewhat folk-like, while "Entangled" is juicy and full of sugary hooks.

The Marlboro Chorus are more innocent than their name may suggest, though on Entangled they do show their guilty side with some downright devious pop songwriting.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]