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Margo Guryan

"25 Demos" CD

Franklin Castle Records

Genres: sixties pop, pop

Franklin Castle
7510 W. Sunset Blvd #217
Hollywood, CA 90046

May 18 - 25 2002

Margo Guryan, in case you are unaware, is a singer/songwriter who's been writing music ever since the sixties. In fact, in the sixties and seventies, she wrote a number of popular tunes, including the classic "Sunday Morning." Anyway, as the story goes, Guryan recorded one album, "Take A Picture," back in 1968. One pressing was released on Bell Records (on vinyl, of course) and has since become quite a collector's item.

In light of this, the splendid Franklin Castle label has decided to reissue it in a special edition that also includes three of Guryan's early demos. Upon first listen, I was shocked by how amazingly enjoyable this album is. From the familiar melodies of "Sunday Morning" to the gentle innocence of "Thoughts," Guryan's songwriting is of utmost excellence. The key here is accessability; all of the fourteen songs on this album are extraordinarily listenable. Don't be surprised if you find yourself humming these tunes the day after you hear them.

One noticeable tidbit is the fact that is primarily love music; you'll be hard-pressed to find any two consecutive lines of lyrics on this album that don't mention the emotion at least once. If you're up for listenable, occasionally over-sappy pop music from the sixtes, then hunt this sucker down. It's no classic, but it is still a great pop release.


Matt Shimmer