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Self-titled" CDEP


Genres: rock

Jan 19 - 25 2004

Kesh Patel and Alex Routledge make up the rock act that is Mantra, and this, their new two-song demo, contains the fruits of their ambitious efforts.  Once you get over the cover's goofy photo, you'll have a chance to spend seven minutes of your life ondering why you can't find anything better to do. 

"Shake Me Down" is a two-minute mess featuring unintentionally goofy vocals sung over a zippy bass/drum background and some ridiculously cacophonic piano mayhem.  It kind of sounds like a joke, except there's a bit too much actual melody present to think they were making it sound shitty to be funny.

"Forget to Breathe," meanwhile, is the epic slow piano-and-vocal song.  Remember Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love"?  From the Karate Kid 2 soundtrack?  Well, it's kind of like that, except more minimal and less infectious.  It isn't really that bad a tune, though, and it at least shows some promise with relation to Mantra's songwriting talent.  It's clear, in a melodic sense, that they are quite capable.

Overall, this disc is pretty uninteresting.  The band will need to make some serious adjustments before they tackle a full-length, as what we have here doesn't seem to quite know what it's trying to sound like.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]