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Unsacred Hearts / Man In Gray

Split 7"

Serious Business Records

Genres: indie rock, garage rock

Heat Retention
63 N.3rd St. #407
Brooklyn NY 11211

July 25 - 31 2005

Delicious.  Two songs each from two seriously wicked bands - what more is there to life?  I'll start off with Unsacred Hearts, because I reviewed their gnarly debut album a short while back.  This 7" sees them playing more of their deliciously edgy garage rock, heavy on memorable riffs and solid melodies.  The explosive "Do You Like Spy Movies?" takes the cake with its outrageous, upfront style, though "The End is Near" is still an above average slab of indie rock.  The Man In Gray side, meanwhile, is comprised of fem-fronted punky garage rock.  "Thirty-Six" is a rough and wild romp that's sort of like Sleater-Kinney with a more garagey edge; the same could be said about "Hoboken," whose chant-along chorus makes it the better of the two songs.  This is recommended.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]