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Various Artists

"Mandragora" CD


Genres: noise, experimental, psychedelic noise

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April 20 - 27 2002

And you thought "continuous mix" CDs were only for those trendy trance and house labels. Well, not anymore; here, Paradise Camp 23 has crafted a nice little a mix album of the various artists on the Mandragora roster. And Mandragora certainly isn't a "trance" label - although the music may sometimes put you into a trance. In fact, Mandragora is a noise label - a "pure psychedelic noise" label to be exact.

Each of the five tracks on this album are excellent - if you listen carefully, you can hear bits of noise from the likes of Crackhouse, Rezanate, and even the fantastically named Bull Anus. But chances are, all you'll notice is noise. Pure, blissful noise. However, this is less harsh than most noise out there. Instead of the traditional Merzbow-esque abrasive stuff, this album comforts your ears with ambience, soundscapes, and even some warm guitar playing.

This is music for the less harsh-oriented noise fan. If you want your ears to bleed, look elsewhere. If you're up for something calmer, go out and snatch this album up.


Matt Shimmer