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"Bacharach for President, Bruno Maderna Superstar!" CD

Acidsoxx Musics

Genres: no-wave pop, experimental pop

Acidsoxx Musicks P.O. Box 32552 Santa Fe, NM 87594

Aug 4 - 10 2003

This disc is a Acidsoxx reissue of an Italian no-wave release that recently came out on small indie label Snowdonia Records (of Italy). It is definitely out-there, although often there are moments of semi-accessibility that really shine. The album is focused largely on the blending of electronic and acoustic instruments, although the kooky vocals are also showcased in the mix. At times things get quite jazzy. In fact, some of the album's best moments come when Maisie focus their attention on jazz instrumentation and rhythm (the wonderful "Flight Song #7" and "Candies"). Other highpoints are the remotely Bjork-esque "Guts" and the playful "Easy Tune For Simon Jeffes."

But Maisie is a niche outfit, and Bacharach for President is suitably niche-y. While a few of the tunes may be melodic and interesting enough to capture your average listener, this disc will probably only be geared towards a certain minority of the population. But for an album of its type, Bacharach is a very solid release. Its zest for fun atmosphere and some fantastic melodies makes it a worthwhile purchase for open-minded audiences.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 19 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]