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The Machine Gun TV

"Go" CDR

Public Eyesore Records

Genre: noise, lo-fi, experimental rock

Public Eyesore
2464 Harney St. #15
Omaha NE 68131

May 2006

This duo (or trio?) out of Japan play really noisy, experimental pseudo-pop that buries often cheery melodies and electronic beats under layers of warped feedback and white noise. Take "D4" - it sounds like J-pop or something, but it's behind so much noise and rhythm that the peppiness of the song is completely undermined. "Bored" follows in the same suit - it almost sounds like a commercial jingle or something (apart from the noise mutilation going on.) The twelve minute "M" is presumably the record's major point of emphasis - it's an epic of harsh noise, dropping the pop backing for a more purely abrasive experience. This is interesting stuff out of the Public Eyesore label - always on the pulse of experimental (Japanese and not) music, they've unearthed another notable act in The Machine Gun TV.


Fun Fact: The Machine Gun TV's third member is an actual television.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]