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"Canciones Escritas En El Exilio" CD

Mother West

Genres: heavy metal, Dominican metal, Spanish metal

Mother West
LLC 132 W26th Street
New York, NY 10001

April 6 - 13 2002

Wow. Heavy metal from the Dominican Republic. Singing entirely in Spanish, M-16 sure can teach us a thing or two about fierce metal. "La Sangra Que Corre En Mis Venas" (translated as "The Blood That Runs Through My Veins") is an angry, frightening chunk of metal that isn't all that fast, but still manages to be as powerful as all heck. Meanwhile, "Oracion A La Serenidad" is a blazing, vicious pile of furious rock. If you're already angry, be warned, this album may push you over the edge. M-16 aren't all that fast or manic, but their powerful chunks of guitar sludge make speed completely irrelevant - their music is insanely hard. Who would have thought that the Dominican metal scene could produce such a kick-ass band?

(By the way, this album scores bonus marks for the best cover version of the Doors' "Strange Days" I've ever heard.)


Matt Shimmer