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Lyric Jude

"Forever Changed" CD

Tuchix Studios

Genres: electronic, new age 

Tuchix Studios
PO Box 11893
Tampa, FL
33680-1893 USA

Sep 8 - 14 2003

Is this person's name really "Lyric"? Because there aren't any lyrics on this album. So there's really no other explanation. And if so, that's quite the bizarre name. But I digress.

Lyric Jude's Forever Changed is the result of three years of studio wizardry culminated onto one eight-track disc. Lyric composes fast-paced techno music that is rhythmically diverse but flat on melody and content. The songs on this album are not independently memorable and fail to leave much of an impression on the listener. The best audience would be new age fans who want some more fast-tempo music in their diet, although even they may recognize the album's lack of variety. "Candlelight Vigil," a slower, more peaceful tune, is the only deviation from the formula; it falls under the category of more "traditional" new age, Enigma-style. The album's finale, "Wishful Heart - Hope For Healing," is an electronica-classical hybrid that is easily the disc's most interesting moment. However, its bland and repetitive beat does little to maintain the listener's attention for the track's whole nine minutes. Most of the piece's value lies in the original classical source material rather than Jude's electronic studio work.

Altogether, Forever Changed is rather bland and uninteresting, an easy trap to fall into with electronica. This isn't hip enough to be played in the clubs or on the radio, and thus will likely be relegated to the odd middle-aged man looking for new age music that isn't actually new age music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2003]