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"The Drunk EP" CDEP

Omega Point Records

Genres: dance rock, club rock

Omega Point
3921 N. Claremont 2F
Chicago IL 60618

Nov 8 - 14 2005

Luxxury is a recent acquisition for electro-synth-punk label Omega Point; this EP was originally released on the band's own Nolita label.  80s-ish dance number "All the Way (Boy vs. Girl Mix)" is probably the most strong moment on this EP; an opus of insensitivity, it dissects the one-night stand in meticulous detail ("I have no use for all your talk 'bout what tomorrow brings/Baby you should try and use that tongue for more important things.")  Guitar-heavy "Understood" is another standout; it's a pretty engaging number, considerably better than the relatively bland (though sometimes considerably funny) "Drunk" and "Disco Noir."  Ultimately this is an okay electro/club/rock EP for Omega Point, but there's much better stuff out there.  For fans of the label's sound, this could be worth picking up - otherwise, stick to the finer stuff.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]