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Various Artists

"Love, Peace & Poetry: Brazilian Psychedelic Music" CD

Shadoks Music

Genres: psych rock, psychedelic, sixties

Normal Records
PO Box 150 117
53040 Bonn

Aug 25 - 31 2003

As is the case with all of Shadoks Music's Love, Peace & Poetry compilations, Brazilian Psychedelic Music is an absolutely essential purchase for fans of early psychedelic rock. Nineteen psych tunes from the seventies and the late sixties are presented on this disc, and they certainly have a sound of their own. Often political, these songs take cues from the tropicalia movement just as much as they do British psych trends, and the combination of styles makes for a very interesting and original experience.

Os Lobos' "Miragem" is one of the most accessible tracks on this album, featuring an irresistable Byrds-esque sound, complete with jangly guitars and dreamy vocals (in Portugese). The Buttons' "Birds in my Tree" is also lush and pleasant, with those deliciously psychedelic modified vox. Meanwhile, Terço's "Iagoa Das Lontras" takes things with a more acid-based edge, and Hugo Filho's "Quero Você, Você" is psych beyond belief.

Brazilian Psychedelic Music is yet another chapter in the tremendously successful LP&P collection. Go out and snatch it up.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 19 tracks, distributed by Forced Exposure, released 2003]