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Love Ends Disaster!

"Stories for the Dislocated" CDEP

Denial Records

Genres: indie rock

band website

July 25 - 31 2005

Whoa.  Love Ends Disaster! have recently been racking up good press by the boatload, drawing comparisons to The Fall and scenemates Bloc Party.  While Stores for the Dislocated only offers a five song glimpse of the band, everything certainly seems to be in working order.  This is exciting, angular, absolutely intense indie rock/post-punk stuff, taking major cues from Gang of Four.  The songs are complex but incredibly melodic, making for a hip, cutting-edge sound.  "Warning: Robots" introduces a certain epic feel that really works well for the band - I notice some Interpol in the vocals, as well.  The tense energy of "TV" is a perfect example of what Love Ends Disaster! is about, though I prefer the spasmodic tunefulness of "Ginko Disco," which reminds me subtly of the French Kicks.  Overall, I've found Stories for the Dislocated to be an extremely impressive EP from a bunch of guys I had never heard of before.  If Love Ends Disaster! have the chops to create something like this, I can't imagine how incredible their debut album will be. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]