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Longmont Potion Castle

"Longmont Potion Castle Vol. 4" CD

Attention Deficit Recordings/Post Replica

Genres: prank calls, comedy

artist website

June 9 - 16 2002

I love prank calls, and Longmont Potion Castle knows how to do them well.  Apparently, Longmont has quite a cult following behind him, and I can see why.

Over the course of this album, Longmont comes up with a whole variety of ways to harass people over the phone.  The following are only a few of them:

He calls up a random household under the guise of being a UPS worker and insists that the person has ordered a bunch of live lambs from Lebanon.  After the guy denies responsibility, he tells him that if he won't accept the package, he must at least pay the ninety-eight dollar freight charge.

He calls a strip bar claiming he has a series of erotic photographs of himself.   Upon being told that the strip bar only accepts female dancers, he claims that the bar manager is "proposing a complete Darwinian society."  After he admits that he doesn't really know what a Darwinian society is, he goes on to use a number of other long words in the wrong context.

He attempts to order a haircut from a record store.

He gets a call from a surveyist asking about his concernedness about the Y2K bug.   He goes on to explain his (rather elaborate) plans for the New Year.

He calls numerous places, and, using a sampler (or something similar), contorts his voice to undescribable lengths, all to the confusion of the person on the other end of the line.

And that's just a small sample.  Longmont's prank call ideas are diverse and numerous.  He must be one of the most creative prank callers in prank call history.   He must be a... a genius.  If you haven't laughed yourself silly by the end of this CD, then there's probably something wrong with you.  Screw the Jerky Boys, this is the real shit.


Matt Shimmer