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The Lonesomes

"A Tribute To The Great Outdoors" CD

NMC Music

Genres: electronica, toy music

June 6 - 12 2005

If their website biography is anything to go by, A Tribute To The Great Outdoors is the work of four stuffed cows called The Lonesomes.  They play a strange brand of goofy electronic toy music, falling somewhere in between Mouse on Mars and Plone.  I'm reminded of a record called Wunderland by a band called Pyrolator (on the Ata Tak label), but I could be way off.  As might be presumed, this album is filled to the brim with childish melodies and countless stray sound effects (including more moos than you can shake a stick at - what can you expect when your lead singer is a cow?)

The key to this record's success is that, despite its weird style, it still remains melodic and atmospherically enjoyable.  Tunes like "Waking up the cows" and "Moose" are fun and catchy, with silly, playful styles that should bring a smile to even the gravest of faces.  Meanwhile, a track like "Lonesome" is the perfect mood piece, perfectly expressing a feeling in musical form.  A Tribute To The Great Outdoors is a fun release, and though it may seem like a novelty at first, it has a certain inner depth that makes it a much more durable record.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 16 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]