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"Appassionata" CD

Wood Records

Genres: experimental, diy pop, new age

Wood Records
1604 Central Dodge City KS

April 20 - 27 2002

Lolwolf creates experimental (occasionally new age-ish) keyboard music. Lolwolf creates "Appassionata" CDR. Lolwolf fills "Appasionata" CDR with one song. Lolwolf hears you exclaim, "ONLY ONE SONG?" Lolwolf rebuts with, "But it's forty four minutes long." Lolwolf hears your sigh of relief.

Lolwolf watches as you listen to his music. Lolwolf blushes as you tell him, "this is good - it's completely bizarre, and unlike anything I've ever heard, but it's still kept together with well placed melodies and rhythms." Lolwolf thanks you for your compliments. Lolwolf looks at his watch; it's only been 7 minutes and he's already been flattered. Lolwolf dims the lights as the music takes on a more twisted, unnerving feel. Lolwolf can feel you tremble. Lolwolf knows you're feeling slightly uneasy. Lolwolf knows that his melodic, haunted house-esque keyboarding is getting to you. Lolwolf doesn't care, though. Lolwolf wants to frighten you - at least a little bit. Lolwolf turns the lights back up as the music takes a decidedly more upbeat feel. Lolwolf sits there, watching you, as the music spans through a whole number of styles. Lolwolf sees you perk up as the jazzy part of the song rolls by. Lolwolf then sees you sing along to the irresistably catchy Pet Shop Boys-esque part of the song, complete with vocals, synths, and all. Lolwolf even stays with you during the Chariots of Fire-esque bit near the end of the CD.

Lolwolf watches your delight, followed by disappointment, when the CDR ends. Lolwolf tells you to go out and buy it. Lolwolf knows that you will. Lolwolf knows that you can't resist.


Matt Shimmer