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Loaded Dreams

"In It But Not Of It" CD


Genres: dream pop, indie rock

Loaded Dreams
34 South Portland Ave, Apt. 2
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Feb 17 - 23 2003

Loaded Dreams are four guys and a gal from Brooklyn, New York.  The guys tackle the instruments while the gal, Lynda Kady, is their vocalist.  Together, they create their own brand of mellow indie rock that relies heavily on the ethereal guitar parts.

Songs like "Changes Everything" and "Mercy" are spacey numbers that run largely on atmosphere, with melodies that are nice, but not as satisfying as they could be.  Lynda's semi-spunky vocals are interesting, yet don't seem to fit the music perfectly.  However, the band has done a really nice job with other aspects of their music.  On "Mercy," for example, their gently wavy guitar textures add a pleasant ambiance backing Kady's vocals, lending the song a really dreamy, warm feel.  The viola part, courtesy of Gene Park, further enhances this sound.

Perhaps the CD's best track is "Elsa," a nice little track that rocks along steadily, sounding something like an Americanized Britpop tune.  It's instantly catchy, with all the makings of a tune you'd have in your head for days.  It's a bit less ethereal than tracks like "Mercy," with a bit more attitude and strength.  The hidden track that follows it is also one of the album's highpoints.

Altogether, Loaded Dreams' debut album, In It But Not Of It is a very satisfying release.  Although the band may have trouble finding a niche (they're too powerful for shoegazer audiences, but too slow and dreamy for indie rockers), they certainly deserve a listen, even if it takes awhile to get used to their style.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 songs, distributed by the band, released 2002]