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Lisa Hogan

"The Other Way" CD

Mikey Records

Genres: singer / songwriter, indie rock, adult alternative

Mikey Records
PO Box 6155
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

April 6 - 13 2002

Lisa Hogan, an independent musician from New Jersey, has crafted an enjoyable collection of adult pop songs on "The Other Way." The title-track is the best song here; it's a great, catchy song with a distinct Celtic overtone. It is standard, yet enjoyable, and features a nice Sarah Mclaughlin-esque melody and voice. Although it isn't exactly my thing, I can appreciate it anyway. "I Don't Think" is another good piece; it's a touching, clichéd song about love that is kept together by Hogan's impeccable songwriting talent.

Other tracks like "I Say Nothing" and "Lost" further display Hogan's enjoyable, mature musical style that poses genres like celtic, country, and jazz on top of the predominant pop stylings. Hogan is certainly a talented singer and songwriter, and this album exemplifies her gifts nicely. Although the songs are a bit unoriginal, they are still stylized to some extent. With her talent and potential, I can't imagine how great Lisa's future works will be.


Matt Shimmer