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Line 47 / Rusuden

"Parcinx Mind" split-12"

Sonicterror Recordings

Genres: IDM, techno, minimal techno

622 N. Ft. Thomas Ave.
Ft. Thomas, KY

May 5 - 11 2003

Oh yeah.  This is what it's all about.  A split 12" from two wonderfully talented IDM outfits, neither of whom get the recognition they deserve.  What a treat!

Side A of this beautiful twelve-incher houses 3 songs by Line 47, a DJ / laptop composer who started off his career (oddly enough) as the drummer for noise/post-rock outfit Mrs. Frisbee in 1994.  His first track on this record, "Quavuun Eyes," takes a very lovely, relaxing approach, blending token IDM beats with electro-orchestral melody.  "Idel Ruins," meanwhile, is tightly donned in Plaid, providing even more relaxation.  "Vectoise Un Brks" follows with some complex Squarepusher mechanics (I think "Come On My Selector" is sampled, actually), eventually calming down for a warm finish.  Clearly Line 47 has mastered both the calm and energetic ends of his sound.

Rusuden takes over for side B.  His side starts off with "Swolnip," a complex, yet profoundly funky number with a slightly dark undertone.  "Baloo is a Bear" then comes on in an eerie haze of beats and Orbital-esque melodic abstraction.  "Penki-ki" give a nod to Pyrolator by way of some well-executed animal samples (dogs barking, crows cawing, etc.)  Rusuden's final effort, "Afterdinnermintz," is a short bit-by-bit, almost minimal techno number that is sure to get dancefloors movin'.

Overall, this is a fantastic IDM 12" by two relatively new faces on the techno scene.  Perk your ears, baby.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]