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Liars Academy

"Demons" CD

Equal Vision Records

Genres: indie rock, alternative rock

July 11 - 17 2005

I'm digging this.  Liars Academy is the band most suited to me so far from the Equal Vision label, at last of the ones I've heard.  Demons is twelve songs of infectious indie rock, cutting to the chase quickly with "Microtron," an instantly catchy rocker that sounds something like Catherine Wheel cut with Jawbox.  At times Demons can become a bit bland (they can be a bit too alt rock-y), but for the most part this is a successful release.

The power is at a high level for the majority of this disc, though a few songs show another side of Liars Academy.  "Ghosts of Baltimore" has a nice, radio-friendly sound that could turn it into a teenage ballad, complete with glistening hooks and a respectable set of angst-ridden lyrics.  "The Accountant," meanwhile, is pure modern (almost NYC style) indie rock - I almost got it confused with The Bloc Party.

LA have crafted a really strong album with Demons - if you get your jollies listening to impassioned, angsty modern indie-rock, look no further.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]