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"Nothing's Getting Better" CD

Northern Light Records

Genres: indie rock, rock

51-59 Spencer Avenue
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, M6K 2J7

Sep 6 - 12 2004

Nothing's Getting Better is a very crisp indie rock album, but it will take a few listens before the songs "sink in."  Although Leviride is good at assembling strong, melodic pop tunes, their hooks aren't as immediately accessible as you might expect.  After you've heard this album three or four times, you will finally start to sing along to a few of the tracks in your head.

The fact that some of these songs are more infectious than others makes it easier to single out the better tracks.  "Big Black Limousine," for example, is just an incredibly infectious pop number - one of the album's best, by far - and "In Flames" and "Juxtaposition" successfully go for that melodic, epic rock feel.  There are also, of course, a few duds on Nothing's Getting Better. "Tiger Lilies" and "And Then I Depart" come to mind, as they both lack substance and hooks.  However, the occasional off moment is excusable for a debut album, especially considering how good some of the other songs are.  Obviously, this isn't the perfect record - but it makes for a solid and entertaining listen.

NOTE: Next time around, I implore Leviride to include the intro in their track listing - otherwise, all the track numbers become skewed with relation to the printed song list.  It's quite annoying having to remember that track five on the case is actually track six on the CD.  HARUMPH!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]