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Les Hell on Heels

Self-titled CD


Genres: punk rock

Feb 28 - Mar 6 2005

Les Hell on Heels is a spunky, all-girl punk rock band out of Phoenix with a solid base in the indie scene.  With projects like The Peeps and The American Foxes already behind them, they know what they're doing and they know how to do it well.  This album's eleven songs are all exciting, energy-packed rock songs that recall bands like Bikini Kill and The Pandoras.  There's a raunchy, sexually-charged atmosphere about this release, but the songs seem to lack a melodic and compositional variety, meaning the album can wear out its welcome over multiple listens.  In many ways this type of music works best live.  Fortunately, a number of the songs work really well here; it doesn't take a Yale degree to enjoy the inherent awesomeness of scorchers  like "My Kind of Trouble" and Jeff Dahl cover "Ain't So Cool."


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]