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Le PepEs

"All Fun Things End" CD

Kittridge Records

Genres: indie rock, lo-fi, indie pop

PO Box 662011
Los Angeles, CA

Aug 7 - 13 2004

As the story goes, Le PepEs were formed, recorded a few songs, had lots of fun, then broke up when one of the members got married.  Thirteen sogns appear to be all they ever committed to tape, and they are collected together on this nice little Kittridge CD.  Although the band's lo-fi indie rock formula is quite unspectacular and typically messy, it has a certain melodic charm that should appeal to the DIY freaks out there.

Going into "All Fun Things End," you can expect to take in a few listens before the songs really catch on.  "Bigwheel Trickery" is the average Le PepEs song - garage-style recording, raucous drums, chaotic guitar, and loud n' carefree vocals round out the sound, which is perhaps catchier than it should be.  "Renting a Space Station" and "The Day I Saved the Planet," meanwhile, rely on simple, almost careless melodies that are fun but could have come out of anyone's basement.  "Touchdown for the Visitor's Side" and the deceptively spacey "My Spaceship Flies on the Rocket Survival Course" are more impressive because there's more appealing melodic content in them.

Your initial impression of this album may be somewhat unspectacular, but a few plays in the stereo should reveal a very rewarding indie pop record.  Lo-fi fans ought to give All Fun Things End a chance, as it is a nifty little release.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]