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Len's Lounge

"String Band" CD

3rd Silo Records

Genres: country, country-folk, bluegrass

3rd Silo
PO Box 30030
Cincinnati, OH

Apr 14 - 20 2003

It's called String Band because all of the instruments on it, save the drums, are string instruments.  Guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, violin... there's a whole smorgasbord of strings that are plucked and rubbed on this album.  Len's Lounge play very solid, catchy country songs that boast a nice blend of both the old-timey and the more modern, upbeat country styles.

"Soul Sucker" is a particularly memorable track; its solid chorus is one that will get you humming along upon first listen.  "West of the Wabash," meanwhile, is a bittersweet, forlorn piece with an elegant, endearing mood.  "Miranda," on the other hand, is a bit of a bland track, and "Simple Song" ends up becoming tedious after multiple listens, but could be fixed with a bit more focus put on the nearly inaudible violin part.

Len's Lounge's music is a very nice brand of country, and String Band shows off the band's fantastic performing and songwriting talents well.  The majority of the songs on this album are real winners, with a terrific western feel that should appeal to country and bluegrass fans everywhere.  The only problem is that some tracks can drag a bit with repeated listens, and this ruins the disc's flow (an example is "Miranda," which can become quite monotonous.)  Improving the flow by paring down some of the less spectacular tracks will help the band on their next effort.

Overall, this is a very solid country release that boasts a lot of positive elements.  If you enjoy country music, or are just a newbie who's looking to explore the modern scene, Len's Lounge's String Band will doubtlessly make a worthy purchase.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]