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"#0" CDR-EP


Genres: post-rock, indie rock, instrumental rock

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Apr 21 - 27 2003

Based in Bologna, Italy, Leben are a small experimental rock band with a zest for atmospheric melodies.  The four-song #0 CDR EP is a thoroughly enjoyable, albeit short, sample of the band's sound.  The first song, "Packed Under A Garden Seat We gently Wait For Silence," is an instrumental, post-rock-esque piece.  "3 a.m. Confession," meanwhile, is an upbeat guitar and harmonica piece, also with a definite post-rock influence, that is made interesting by the addition of some efficacious field recordings.

"Molly Has Been Cured" is lent a gentle sound by way of some piano added to the mix, as well as some nice spoken word vocals.  The EP closes with an alternate version, a "summer take," of "3 a.m Confession" that does away with the field recordings but still maintains the track's beauty by way of some mysterious minor key melodies and a fantastic use of the harmonica.

Over all, I was very impressed with the #0 EP.  Post-rock and indie rock fans would be well-advised to give this a listen.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 songs, distributed by the band, released 2002]