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"Songs for an Unborn Sun" CD

Temporary Residence Limited

Genres: acoustic pop, indie pop, singer / songwriter

Temporary Residence Limited
PO Box 11390
Portland OR 97211

Aug 11 - 17 2003

Lazarus is Tarentel and The Drift alum Trevor Montgomery's new solo project, and Songs for an Unborn Sun sees him teaming up with producer / background vocalist Marty Anderson of Howard Hello and Dilute. As an album, it's a very personal piece of art. Trevor keeps things simple and bare-bones; most of the songs just have singing over an acoustic guitar background, with some minimal electronics seeping in occasionally.

On Songs, Lazarus makes it clear that he can write songs at a high level of sophistication. The melodies are delicate but very catchy, often achieving beauty in the most simplistic of ways. His lyrics are personal and often considerably cryptic. Opener "Poets the Liars" is a fine example of the Lazarus sound. It's a basic, yet touching tune; the raw vocals are almost painfully draped across the song, and the guitar feels so perfectly recorded that it sounds nearly imperfect in its auditory exactness. While most of the songs are short (in the under four minute range), the last two songs differ from this trend. "Born a Friendship" is six minutes in length, and also relies very largely on an electronic backbone, with shifting synths accompanying Trevor's emotional vocals. "Time," meanwhile, is a piano and vocal piece that precedes a haunting hidden track (that comes on after twelve minutes of silence).

While countless of singer/songwriters have done acoustic albums just like Songs for an Unborn Sun, Lazarus' songwriting talent and originality sets him apart from the others, and his discernible sincerity makes this album a real gem. This is a recommended album for those with the patience and maturity to appreciate it.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks + 1 hidden, distributed by the label, released 2003]