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The Lawnmowers

"Fearless" CD

Good Ink Records

Genres: pop, indie pop

Good Ink Records
PO Box 19645
Seattle, WA 98109

Mar 10 - 16 2003

Pop.  That one word defines The Lawnmowers pretty well.  If you can work your way around a pop hook, you can handle Fearless.  And chances are, you'll like it.

Each of this album's eleven songs is a cheery, catchy nugget that is designed to work itself into your humming repertoire in no time.  Similarities to Tom Petty, The Wannadies, and a whole number of 80s and 90s one-hit wonders are present on Fearless.  "Gift Idea" sounds like a pop hit right out of 1985, while "Buzz" could be that 90s chart-buster that played on the car radio seemingly every time you drove anywhere.  "Flaming Dove," meanwhile, is a catchy, fun number that breezes by in a flurry of irresistible listenability.

However, some of the tracks aren't as immediately accessible as the album's best ("Japan," for example, is a particularly weak tune), and this may warrant a few extra presses on your CD player's skip button.  This isn't much of a problem, though, because Fearless' extraordinarily listenable nature will guarantee it a lengthy residence in your stereo.


Fun Fact: For some very bizarre reason, The Lawnmowers included a cover of mid-90s Pavement-worshippers Sammy's "Inland Empire" on this album.  Hmmm.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]