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"Twinnings" CD

Angry Fish

Genres: industrial, electronica, experimental

Angry Fish Music
Neue Kulmer Strasse 1
10827 Berlin

July 1 - 7 2002

The melodies may be basic, the lyrics may be lacking, but there's a certain simple charm to Latz's music. While "Ring of Fire" may sound like a piece of rubbish from the outside (an electro-industrial cover of Johnny Cash!?), it's actually a fun listen - assuming you're not planning on taking it too seriously. And while the shortcomings in content may be a bit of a pain at first, Latz shows quite a bit of musical talent on the album. "The Wicked Witch", for example, is a fast paced, guitar-injected piece with an instantly catchy melody and a nice dark atmosphere. While it is far from flawless, it's fast-paced structure makes for an enjoyable listen every once and a while. "Home" is a similarly catchy song, except it is a bit more experimental, using a stronger wealth of glitchy noises and synths.

The songs on the latter half of "Twinnings" stray from the more traditional elements held by the former. Songs like "A.D.A.M: and "Black Hole" are completely experimental, blasting forth with minimal song structure and maximal mess. This experimentalism shows Latz exploring the boundaries of their craft, and they are successful for the most part.

Parts of this album are easy to laugh at, they really are, but hold on there, because Twinnings is an interesting listen.


Matt Shimmer