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"Seasons" CD

Ba Da Bing! Records

Genres: shoegazer, psychedelia, drone rock

Ba Da Bing!
PO Box 204
Leonia, NJ 07605

May 4 - 11 2002

I've been a Landing fan for quite a while now. Ever since I heard their wonderful "Oceanless" album, I knew they were not to be ignored. In the same company as Yume Bitsu and Surface of Eceon, Landing has produced some of the most beautiful shoegazer songs I've ever heard.

This album is no different. The feedback-drenched guitar playing and dreamy vocals take the listener out of this world. In fact, if you listen to it in the dark, you'll almost feel like you're floating in space.

The first track here, "Fall Song," is one of the more upbeat pieces. Its melodies are blanketed with a layer of light drums and soft guitar fuzz. This is the type of song you can cry or smile to, depending on your mood. Meanwhile, "Ruins of the Morning" is a weeper. The droning, chiming guitars will grasp your heart and squeeze it, and the emotionally intense vocals will surely drip a few tears from your eyes.

All in all, the eight tracks on this album will wrap you up and float you away into space. But be sure to bring some tissue for your journey - you may not be able to breathe in space, but you certainly can feel.


Matt Shimmer