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Lake Holiday

"The Curse of Sunshine" CDEP


Genres: indie pop, lo-fi

November 2006

I have a soft spot for bands from Toronto on account of it being my hometown and all, and Brad Davis' Lake Holiday project is not an entirely new name for me. Known for pristine, home-brewed indie pop, these folks play music fun and unassuming, cooperating with the listening mind by way of simple melody and a total lack of pretension. Melodically, this is decent if a little inoffensive - I'd prefer an opener like "In Whispers" to have more of an edge than a doodly piano bit, especially with the eager guitars hinting at something a bit less conservative. Softy "Don't Stay Forever" and folky "Helen" further rub in this theme of light sensibility, though "On My Mind" punches things up a bit, sounding something like a less energetic take on Ash. So The Curse of Sunshine may exhibit a lack of spunk, but that isn't to say it's lifeless. File under inoffensive but joyful indie pop.

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Fun Fact: Only at Lake Holiday Camping Resort can you find peace and relaxation as easily as fun and games. Here, we have everything you need for the perfect vacation: if you want the action of the city, Chicago is just 60 miles away; but, if you’re looking to get away from it all, here at Lake Holiday Camping Resort, all you’ll see is the blue sky above and the greenness of nature all around . . . ... sounds lovely!

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, 38:53, distributed by bi-fi, released 2006]