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self-titled cdep


Genre: indie rock

August 2007

here nyc based ladycop bring us typical indie rock melodrama with liberal use of electronic beats to add a little something something to the mix.  curiously, slow acoustic track "let" is one of the best songs on this disc, though often these sorts of slow ditties tend to be the most easily forgotten on eps. drastic, versus-esque "falling on scissors" is the record highlight, with its climactic chorus and rain-crashing-down urgency. i'm not too partial to opener "put down the racers" though its spiny guitar chords do provide a nice shade of seriousness amidst a vaguely radiohead-esque style. "cool runnings" is fairly successful and more than a bit reminiscent of +/-, but could use some studio polish. there really is lots of promise on this ep, and i'd really like to see how ladycop's sound stretches out into an album. more focus on the melody and guitars for the album, and a little more polish, could make for a truly outstanding record in this young band's future.


coxwell balaban

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2007]