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"35/half of 70" CD single


Genre: folk-rock, indie pop, alt country

May 2007

35 / half of 70 is one of two singles lacona put out in anticipation of their upcoming pantomime album, each one tackling a different aspect of the band's sound. the a-side, "president's day", is a lush and fragmented country-ish folk-pop song with a nice, dusty farm sort of appeal. think akron family, shearwater, and l'altra all mangled together, lovingly assembled with some ear-pleasing horns. the b-side, "wet snow," is the more accessible of the two songs - it meanders in a nice acoustic guitar / strings vein for the first two thirds before bursting into a extremely catchy, warm pop mood. overall, this is a solid single - a little taste like this makes their upcoming album seem quite enticing.


coxwell balaban

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2007]