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Rainbow Blanket / Child Pornography / The Sharp Ease / Rose For Bohdan

4-way Split 7"

Deathbomb Arc

Genres: experimental rock, punk rock, experimental

July 25 - 31 2005

LA Bands 2004 is a four-way split chronicling the current experimental rock scene centred around the Deathbomb Arc label.  If you're familiar with the bands, you'll probably know what to expect (if expectations are really possible in these cases) - if not, you're in for a ride.  These four outfits contribute insanely experimental but strangely accessible masterpieces of noise and pseudo-rock.  Rainbow Blanket starts us off with an abrasive, seriously messed batch of distorted lo-fi atmospheric noise.  Child Pornography follows with a lo-fi slab of synthy, 80s influenced dance-punk.  Rose For Bodhan play jumpy, spasmodic punk rock stuff; it's short but sweet, with warped, ironic lyrics about that much-loved subject of love.  The Sharp Ease, meanwhile, take on the record's most accessible number - it's desperate, fem-fronted dancey, punky indie rock; very nice, with a strong melody and a cool, rollicking sound.  This 7" is a brilliant exposť of the Deathbomb Arc scene, showcasing four really solid bands that you should be ashamed you don't know about.  While a song apiece isn't enough to pigeonhole these guys (heck, I've heard albums of stuff and I still have no idea what to expect), it's still sufficient to have a damn fine time.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]