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"Magnetomotive" CDR

Gameboy Records

Genres: noise, experimental

Gameboy Records
PO Box 12132
Columbus, OH 43212 USA

Nov 10 - 16 2003

Knurl, aka Alan Bloor, is one of Canada's gifts to the noise world.  A scene veteran, he has been constructing his brand of chaotic, metallic abrasion for years now, and has amassed a discography that will leave even the most experienced collectors in awe.  Magnetomotive, one of his latest masterpieces, is a 100-copy limited edition CDR from reputable imprint Gameboy Records.

On Magnetomotive, Knurl does away with introductions and cuts right into the noise.  Powerful gushes of hard, crunching harshness are divided into seven tracks.  Knurl's mastery of sound lies in his use of variety - rapidly and viciously changing sound levels, carefully timed plateaus leading to mind-shattering eruptions of messy noise, and more.  It's difficult to resist.  Noise enthusiasts will be in love, while others will struggle to understand.

If you're up for some of the most talented Canadian noise out there, buy Magnetomotive.  At only five dollars, it's a steal - get it before all 100 copies are gone.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]