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"Myths of the Near Future" CD

Rinse / Geffen

Genres: dance punk, indie rock

May 2007

much ink has been carefully assembled into words over klaxons, that british rave/indie/whatsit band that everyone is talking about. well, myths of the near future came out in the states about a month ago but nevertheless i'm now taking it upon myself to sum them up as best i can. this is energetic, electrocuted indie rock with tons of pep, sing-along choruses, and ephemeral sonic chaos to keep you boogying till 4am. this record is very much like the hot chip album (the warning), and chances are if you liked that high energy rush then this one won't leave you hot + bothered. "gravity's rainbow" was the first single to surface from the band, and it occupies track number 7 on this disc; if you're looking for an everyone-aboard, construction workers dancing on half-built condos dance-punk tune, this is it. the second single from the band, "atlantis to interzone," is song 2 here, and it's a lovely intergalactic waterworks of melody, beats, and lovely yamaha keyboard presets. third single "magick," though not as accomplished as the other two, is pretty zesty in its own right.

meanwhile, myths of the near future has its fair share of solid album-only tunes. cheery "golden skans" and its irresistible melody is what sitcom theme songs would sound like it they were ten times cooler (and two minutes and seventeen seconds longer). and star wars-esque popper "forgotten words" and "it's not over yet" also tear the house down successfully. sadly, bland "totem on a timeline" and rut-stuck "isle of her" are more or less filler - but with the glut of solid, excitable songs on this record, it's hard to raise too much of a fuss about the tedious bits. i can understand why one would become tired of klaxons - their fervent, ceaselessly energetic and peppy sound isn't the most emotionally versatile - but from dance parties to days when you want to liven up the household, this disc makes for a friendly slab of plastic.

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youuuuuuuutube!: "gravity's rainbow" video, "atlantis to interzone" video, "golden skans" video, "not over yet" video, "magick" video

Fun Fact: The klaxon, an electromechanical horn favoured by dance artists for generations (see Armand Van Helden's "Witch Doktor"), can be heard in isolation here.

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[Vitals: 11 tracks, 36:31, distributed everywhere!, released Mar 27 2007]